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Jenny Aimée


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My creations are defined in a univers made of stories, portraits, paradoxes, colours, in order to bring every people to its own interpretation, to let each one adapt it to its own reality and grow its imagination. 

The mix of technics, forms interlocked together, the game of texture, nuance and contrast, characterise my whole work.


I’m currently working on sharing personal projects throught exhibitions, festivals and art fairs…

Fond of colours and immersed in my family and friends’ influences, I’ve past through the world of graphic design and printing, to all kind of forms of art like architecture, fashion and object design… But above all to the painting and drawing technics coupled with one of my first fascination : photography.


I’ve been in touch with art since I was a child and so it was obvious to take that path. My studies of different forms of art and their technics, my experiences and an endless questionning about myself, came out on finding my own style.


My whole work is based on my own influences (music, photography) and this ever present quest of discovering new things. It is the result of a marked sensibility, forged by personal and professional

experiences in agencies then in freelance (alone, collaborative and in organizations) from France and Africa.


I’m in a constant pursuit for harmony. Harmony in forms, colours in accord with each technic that I want to use depending on the subject. I find inspiration everywhere : the Moon, the Sun, the stars. In every details, every natural, visual and literary works, that my eye can caught. In my emotions felt in every day life… By listening and observating people I know. I really need to express myself in a big mess by using figurative, abstract and symbolism codes. A big mess but well balanced to me, through the exchange, the langage of each element, marked with either cultural, musical, natural, urban, experience, meeting, travel and dreams codes.


We can see my work on the online shop, open since October 2nd 2015. 



Born in France, in 1981

Technical college – Graphic arts diploma, Jolimont • Toulouse

Applied art academic upgrading program, LISAA • Nantes

BTS certificate in Visual communication, Lycée des Arènes • Toulouse


My work is always meticulous. All the work that you will find in the following rubric « Illustrations », has been created with the heart. In a first place with drawings and paintings technics, then with digital arts, where illustrations and photographies sometimes join each other. I can also add paintings directly on high definition printing run on high quality paper (drawing or Japanese), that are made of natural and traditional manufacturing processes. I also do the frame, that can be squared, 2/3, 3/4 or panoramic (cf. online shop)


I can make portraits on request, only if you describe me the scene you want to portrait to take place, the story you want to tell and if needed, by giving me a serie of pictures, that by the way, i can produce.


Concerning the photographies, there are digital printings on Fine Art papers (natural fibres choose in harmony with the ambiance of the work), with or without a frame, or even can be laminated on Dibond frame.

You will find more details in the online shop. You will find pictures from my travels, encounters, moments of life produced spontaneously or on request.

Each photography delivered is certified « limited editions ».


I currently live in Toulouse and i can easily go to Bayonne, Paris, La Rochelle and Nantes.

Feel free to contact me if you need any information ! I will be happy to answer your questions.